Academic Transformation: How a Tech-Enabled Institution Supports Student Success

This “Think Tank” Congress is an invitation-only, exclusive opportunity for Technology leaders who are committed to transforming Higher Education. Create innovative learning experiences, strive to instill best practices that align with your business goals, support other departments, increase the employability of your graduates, and collaborate with forward-thinking peers to devise new technology strategies.

Ensuring you are fostering the right culture for change management is key to empowering staff and helping students succeed. The definition of success is a moving target. With the increased complexity of architecture, data, cloud, social, and mobile advancements, CIOs are expected to play a pivotal role in operational excellence. This extends beyond support and service delivery.

The foundation is getting internal buy-in on the reasons for a more strategic use of technology that aligns with the campus mission and institutional goals. Other pillars need to be tech-enabled, not tech-driven, such as campus leadership, alliances, business partnerships, innovative instructional methods, research and flexible digital learning.

As tech leaders feel the responsibility to enhance IT to support student retention, they also feel the accountability in areas like cybersecurity, the deployment of analytics to ensure academic success, and in unlocking the value of data-driven insights.

The RTM Spring Higher Education CIO Congress is a premier gathering for CIOs, CTOs, Chief Innovation Officers and CISOs from institutions across the country who are looking to actively discuss the possibilities inherent in these challenges. As new platforms, tools and software become available, the risk and ramifications in adopting them must be considered. Collaboration is key to making the best out of your existing resources and preventing data breaches.

Is your institution agile and competitive? How are you preparing your team to pro-actively anticipate the future needs of staff and students? Are the policies across your campus evolving to reflect these changes? How do we assess interoperability and ensure a seamless experience? Are your departmental data repositories siloed? Are your applications fully integrated?

It is a crucial time for industry influencers to reshape models of excellence. The RTM Higher Education CIO Congress' unique blend of Strategy Sessions, Keynote Panels, Collaborative Roundtables and Private Business Meetings are conducive to addressing points to ponder, openly debating controversial issues and taking away ideas that can be put into action. Every conversation, strategic discussion and technology purchase should culminate in an attainable vision for student achievement. We strive to work with and listen to our Delegates and partners to make that vision a reality.

In just 2 days, you get all the benefits of a week-long conference without having to spend a week out of the office. I would highly recommend attending
— Phil Ventimiglia - Chief Innovation Officer, Georgia State University
This is a unique conference which is focused on practical application and tools for immediate application for student success.
— Michael E. Vayda - Provost, UMass Lowell

National Advisory Committee

The RTM National Advisory Committee gathers each year for a one-day, closed-door strategy meeting. Our Advisory is instrumental in helping us to ensure that our work in the community is timely, accurate and impactful. Nearly all major decisions regarding the RTM education vertical events are determined by our Advisory Committee Members and we are honored to be able to work with these outstanding leaders each year.

Past Keynote Speakers



Education Evangelist, Google


Chief Data Officer, University of Wisconsin-Madison


Co-Founder, Apple


CIO, University of California System